Quick Introduction

Welcome to Beer League Tips!

Over the years of playing beer league, participating online with adult players and coaching youth teams, I saw a lot of stuff that beer league players could benefit from that come out of systems and positioning work we do with youths teams.

So, I set out to build a resource for beer league players, focusing on systems and tactics that players can use in their every day hockey experience.  Everything from d-zone positioning to breakout and regroup plays, to tactics for generating offence in the zone.

The goal is to provide something a player on a team could forward via email and say “let’s do this” and have something everyone could read and understand in a couple of minutes, regardless of experience levels.

When I went looking for feedback, I got a lot of enthusiastic response from people in various online communities.

I LOVE this perspective. It would definitely make it easier for a team to implement, instead of more common perspectives that a single player might learn from but not be able to implement within their team. Youth teams have the opportunity for frequent practice. Adults are forced to watch a web video and maybe discuss a bit in the locker room or on the bench…then it’s game time.  /u/mthockeydad

So, I recruited a friend and we set out to start to build this.

Who are We?

Coach Eric

  • Hockey Canada “Development 1 Certified” Coach
  • Began Coaching in 2005
  • Current Youth Coach in Ontario, Canada
  • Beer League Player

Coach Brian

  • Hockey Canada “Development 1 Certified” Coach
  • USA Hockey Level 4 Certified Coach
  • Began Coaching in 2006
  • Current Youth Coach in Ontario, Canada
  • Beer League Player

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