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I see a lot of stuff that beer league players could benefit from that come out of systems and positioning work we do with youths teams. When I watch a game, I can instantly tell who played as a youth at a high level because they know where to go, but find the team around them doesn’t follow suit and that structure breaks down.

I’d love something specifically aimed at beer league teams. We’ve got a lot of individually skilled players on our team, but we struggle to make it all come together as a team.  /u/stir_friday

So, I set out to build a resource for beer league players, focusing on systems and tactics that players can use in their every day hockey experience.  Everything from d-zone positioning to breakout and regroup plays, to tactics for generating offence in the zone.

The goal is to provide something a player on a team could forward via email and say “let’s do this” and have something everyone could read and understand in a couple of minutes, regardless of experience levels.

I LOVE this perspective. It would definitely make it easier for a team to implement, instead of more common perspectives that a single player might learn from but not be able to implement within their team. Youth teams have the opportunity for frequent practice. Adults are forced to watch a web video and maybe discuss a bit in the locker room or on the bench…then it’s game time.

We’re excited to help out.

Who are We?

Coach Eric

  • Hockey Canada “Development 1 Certified” Coach
  • Began Coaching in 2005
  • Current Youth Coach in Ontario, Canada
  • Beer League Player

Coach Brian

  • Hockey Canada “Development 1 Certified” Coach
  • USA Hockey Level 4 Certified Coach
  • Began Coaching in 2006
  • Current Youth Coach in Ontario, Canada
  • Beer League Player